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Every time you drive, your car is exposed to traffic and harsh weather. Rain, snow, heat in the summer, and unintentional scratches or dings can all affect its appearance. Your car's vibrant paint will eventually become dull and full of blemishes.

Rubbing Compound

The thorough washing and preservation of a car is known as car detailing.  Minor paint damage such as scratches and dullness can be repaired with car polishing compounds or rubbing compound. To fix more serious damages, such as deep scratches or dents, you will need the help of an experienced auto care professional.

Liquid Rubbing Compound for Cars

Rubbing compound is also known as cutting compound. It is used to restore paintwork and appearance of the vehicle. You won't see the results unless you use it correctly. This product is usually a thick liquid or paste that contains an abrasive. This substance is suspended within the mixture used to polish the surface or massage it to remove minor scratches. We are the leaders in ceramic coating and car ppf.

Best Rubbing compounds for Car

Detailers pay close attention to small details and hard-to-reach places. Detailers can also make quick repairs to vinyl or leather surfaces. They may also fix knobs, gauges, lights and gauges. Headlights that used to be yellow are now as good as new. They use rubbing compounds to clean and polish the exterior of your car. This will make your car's paint look like it belongs in a trade show by removing paint flaws and scratches. After rubbing, polishing, and waxing the car, a second coat of car paint sealant is applied to the surface to give it additional protection.

The rubbing process does not cure the paintwork; it only covers the painted surface. This happens when the rubbing compounds are removed using a polisher, or microfiber towels. During polishing the rubbing compound smooths out the topmost surface of the paint, softens and removes impurities.