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One of the biggest sources of confusion among detailers is the sheer number of pads available. Pads come in many shapes, sizes and colours. They are also available from different brands. If you're just starting out as a detailer, or planning to open your own studio, choosing the right pad can be a challenge. We have experts in nano ceramic coating and auto detailing.

Car Polisher Buffer Pads

It is important to remember that polishing pads are abrasives, similar to wet paper sanding but much finer. They are designed to hold abrasive products against surfaces in order to break them down and work them thoroughly, while also correcting or refining their surface. We use them for a variety of abrasive materials, including polishes and rubbing compounds.

Best Polishing pads for Car

It is important to remember that ceramic coating applicators and hand polishing pads, which are often made from the same material, perform the exact same function but at a slower rate. Three materials are available for pads: microfiber, foam and wool. Each material has different cutting abilities, applications and machine compatibility. Let's look at this in more detail.

  • Wool pads

Wool is one of the most popular types of pads. Wool is popular for its finishing and cutting abilities. These pads are best used for vehicles with hard paint and can be used in one- or two step operations. Wool pads are available in coarse and medium cutting abilities. Wool pads are excellent for cutting and finishing. For polishing, you can use buffing machine from carcosmic.

  • Foam Pads

Foam cushions, as the name suggests, are made of foam. Foam pads are made of foam as their name suggests. There are two types of foam pads. Foam cushions are popular because of their firmness. The pad's hardness will determine whether it is used for waxing, finishing, polishing or cutting. 

  • Microfiber pads

Microfiber pads, as their name suggests, are made from microfiber cloths. These are the most harsh pads and should only be used for hard paintwork. The detailing community does not like them because they tend to collect residue quickly. Microfiber pads are only used to compound hard clear coats applied using a car orbital sander.