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Buy Polishes & Wax Online in India at Best Price

Best Polishes and Compounds

We’ve multiple brand of polishes like Menzerna, Turtle Wax, Detail Glam and many more. The best polishes gives best results in polishing. Polish is paint surface is one of the most important part in detailing. That gives best impact of ceramic coating on your vehicle. For perfect swirl free surface you need to use best polishes and compounds.

Best Polishing Pads

There are various type of polishing pads in industry like Foam Pad, Wool pad, Foamed wool pad, Micro wool pad, car wax & sealant pad and many more. With best polishes and compounds you have to choose best car polishing pads to get good result of polishing.

Waxes & Sealant

Buy premium wax online at best price in India. Car Cosmic present premium Car waxes and sealants which creates hydrophobic nature on your paint surface.

Long lasting sealants:

Sealant is upgraded version of wax which stays more than wax on paint surface, that is more glossy and durable. Some sealants are Sio2 based which adds silica in sealant/waxes.