Menzerna 400 Heavy cut compund with 8 Inch Rotary Wool Pad

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Menzerna 400 Heavy cut compund.

Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 is the long-anticipated new compound from Menzerna Polishing Compounds that are designed to deliver the fast cutting action of a compound with the finish and workability of a polish.

Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 will quickly become an asset to the professional detailing industry with its ability to effortlessly remove 1200 grit sanding marks, heavy scratches, swirls and oxidation on all paint systems while leaving a high gloss finish that is not typically expected from a compound.

Menzerna Polishing Compounds made it clear to their engineers during the early development stages of Heavy Cut Compound 400; this compound needed to have a tremendous amount of cut while finishing out better than most medium-cut polishes.

Most challenging of all, it had to be user-friendly so beginners and professionals alike could reap the benefits. It was a feat to overcome but the masterminds at Menzerna successfully came through and the result is the long-anticipated Heavy Cut Compound 400; a true compound that finishes better than most medium-cut polishes.

What’s more, Heavy Cut Compound 400 delivers a working time that will put a smile on the faces of professional detailers.

Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 is body shop safe so it doesn’t contain silicones or waxes – two things which are unwanted near fresh paint as they inhibit the paint from properly curing. Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 is the ideal compound for removing up to 1200 grit sanding marks on fresh paint because it cuts fast without creating a fuss. In most cases, Heavy Cut Compound 400 will not even dust – something that is a common problem for most other compounds.

Time is money in the professional reconditioning industry and if your compound literally isn’t cutting it, then it’s time to move on and find something that works better. With so many options available from various manufacturers, it can be daunting trying to find the perfect balance of cut, finish and ease of use in a compound. Menzerna Polishing Compounds acknowledges this and takes it into consideration when developing any new product, be it a compound, polish, detail spray or finishing wax. Heavy Cut Compound 400 is a fine example of Menzerna’s commitment to excellence and it will surely become a staple alongside other Menzerna polishes in the professional reconditioning industry.

Directions :

  • Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 can be used with a rotary (circular) or dual action (orbital) polisher.

8 Inch Rotary Wool Pad.

Buff and gloss 8-inch wool Cutting Pads are used for heavy swirl removal and light oxidation removal on clear coats.

Typically used after a heavy cutting wool pad to refine the surface, a Buff and gloss 8-inch wool Cutting Pad has more cutting ability and less finishing.

 The 8-inch wool Cutting Pad features a 1.5-inch pile.

it is made from a wool blend single-ply material. 100% Australian wool pad.  

The strong core helps keep the pad’s shape and makes for a sturdy structure.

Use a Buff and gloss 8-inch Double-Sided wool Cutting Pad with the rotary adapter on a rotary polisher.

Both sides of the pad can be used in this pad.