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Road trips and long drives leave your car exposed to UV rays and causes the paint to fade quickly. It adds an additional layer of protection so you can truly enjoy your drive. Choose vehicle wash products that are strong enough to remove road grit and grime yet delicate enough to clean without damaging the paint. When you're through washing the exterior of your automobile, you might wish to clean the interior thoroughly. Car paint protection film gives your car a new protection layer against heat & dirt.

Car Wash Shampoo

Car washing is the basic part of every car owner. For daily car wash you need a best car shampoo specially made for car paint surface. Try CarCosmic Car Wash Shampoo for a quick refresh that makes your car look as good as new in no time, the car wash shampoo and cream wax used together with a car cleaning cloth helps to protect the delicate surface of your vehicle.

Car Wash Mitt

For proper car wash, Wash mitt is must to rub shampoo on panel gently. We’ve multiple type of wash mitts which gives scratch free wash. Check Car Wash mitt at carcosmic.

Car Tyre

Tire is the part where everyone stick their eyes. That’s a reason wet look tire shine is very very important part. Detailers are always in search of long lasting tire dressing which stays long on rubber tires. We present Tire dressing which gives ultimate gloss to your car tires.

Alloy Wheel Care

For alloys polishing buy alloy wheel polishing kit which can be used with Drill machine or rotary polisher. Alloy wheel polishing pads covers smallest grooves of Alloys and make alloys like a brand new.

Paint Correction

Paint correction process includes sanding, rubbing and glaze process mostly. Before paint correction you need to get vehicle ready with preparation job. Detailing preparation includes Tar removing Degreaser, Iron Removing, claying etc. For the best paint correction results you have to complete preparation thoroughly. You can also get your car a ceramic coating for long time protection.