Car Interior Cleaning

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Carcosmic is basically supplier of car care automotive product. We’ve car interior care product also like Interior cleaner(Dry Foam), best brushes for interior cleaning process like, molding brush, Ac vent cleaning sponge brush, Magic sponge, Premium microfiber towels, Ac vent cleaning brush, Accessories & tools, coating applicator, Mothers multipurpose cleaning brush, Interior Scrubbing sponge, Carpet and upholstery brush, Interior & Upholstery brush and many more. 

We have the best super ceramic coating & ppf car coating which gives the perfect results and ultimate gloss to your car.

Air freshener

Car air fresheners may be effective in creating a more pleasant ambiance inside your vehicle—at least, that's what they're intended to accomplish. Personalized air fresheners are an excellent way to keep your vehicle smelling fresh, but there's no reason to limit yourself to old store-bought designs. CarCosmic car air freshener allow you to customise your personalised car air freshener to create a talking piece in your vehicle.

Dressing & Conditioners

Leather conditioner is very important to car leather seats. Leather has a beautiful detailed texture when it’s well maintain clean and conditioned. Leather conditioner gently preserve it. It gives smooth and comfortable feeling in uses. Leather breathes healthily if being cared properly.  Check out our best quality range dressing & conditioners.

Car Dashboard Polish

The longer you keep the product on the dashboard or trim, the better the finish after polishing. If you leave it for a short time, you will obtain a glossy finish; if you want a matt finish, leave it for many minutes. It will protect your dashboard from UV radiation and contains cleaning characteristics that will improve the appearance of your dashboard. A car dashboard polish makes it look tidy and clean. It eliminates oxidation and gives a long-lasting layer of protection.