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Backing plates are often referred to as "brake plate" or "brake calliper". The backing plates, made of metal, are located behind brake shoes and provide a stable foundation for the drum brake. A rotating braking system, the drum brake revolves with wheels of a car. The replacement of brakes is a common maintenance procedure on all vehicles.

DA Backing Plate

The comma-shaped component of disc brake systems is also known as backing plates. In this case, friction surface of backing plate for brake shoes is cemented or riveted in place. When they start to scream, or feel a bit mushy, you need to do something. You may be able replace the brake shoe yourself or you may need to go to a shop. CarCosmic has backing plates and other car polishing machines & kits.

What makes Backing plates Important?

Cast iron backing plates are necessary to attach all the hardware to the brake unit. The backing plates also protect non-metal components from the heat generated by frictional brakes. The braking system's engineering diffuses any excessive heat buildup, preventing damage. We have engine degreaser & ceramic coating for your car.