7 Car Detailing Myths You Should Stop Believing RIGHT NOW

7 Car Detailing Myths You Should Stop Believing RIGHT NOW
As part of my lifetime achievement plan to write a book on car detailing, let me point out some of the myths which car owners will do their cars a favor to stop believing in or practicing. And yes, refrain from sharing.


1. A vehicle can be washed anytime

It sounds correct until you think of it again. While you can wash your car at any time of the day, you cannot do that anytime. If you have just driven your car or left it parked in the sun, it will be heated. Washing it at this time will leave spots and deposits as the soap and water will dry up faster. Besides, it won’t be an easy ordeal than if you had waited for it to cool down.

2. Dishwashing detergent is a great option

Irrespective of how many times this has been pointed out as a myth, many don’t seem to get it. So let me keep it simple. A dishwashing detergent is a strong washing option. Besides removing the dirt, grease, and oil, it also removes the polymer that is meant to protect the paint finish.

3. Cleaning and washing is the same thing

The $10 service that leaves a vehicle’s exterior sparkling is washing. Auto detailing & cleaning is more detailed, takes more time and apparently costs more. It focuses on the interior and stubborn stains. It should be done a few times in a year.

4. Shiny equals clean

Oh, how deceiving is the eyes! A car can shine sparkling clean and still be dirty. The only sure way of is the use of the touch test. If correctly done, the body will be as smooth as glass. Otherwise, you will feel bumps. You can use clay bar to remove stuck on dirt before applying wax or polish, which takes us to the next myth.

5. Polishing and waxing are synonyms

There is a big difference between the two and it is clear. Polishing is done to make the car’s surface shiny. Waxing, on the other hand, is aimed at protecting the vehicle’s finish. It achieves this through wax resins, polymers, and silicones. Car Wax can never make a dull surface shiny.

6. Wax protection can last up to five years

Unfortunately, this classic sales pitch is a myth. Irrespective of what the manufacturer or dealer says, the lifespan of the wax depends on the working conditions of the car and nothing else.

9. Washing only when dirty

Most people wash their cars only when there is a noticeable dirt collection car, or some kid leaves a “please wash me” message on it. The problem with that load of dirt is that it slowly starts to rip off the wax then damaging the paint finish. Make washing your ride a regular maintenance schedule.