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If you're not a home detailer, then you might never have used auto wax. Maintaining the exterior of your car requires more than just a quick wash. To maintain the deep, rich shine of the paint, you must protect it from the elements. It will also help maintain the value of your car.

Car Wax Polish

Maintaining the paint of your car with regular waxing or polishing is essential. The two are not the same. The car polish is used to clean the paint by removing the topmost layer. This reveals the new gloss. The car wax is a protective coating that protects the surface against moisture, pollution and other harmful factors. It also improves the surface and gives it a rich shine. Get a car paint protection film to protect your car's gloss.

Car Wax

It's best to first determine what you are putting on your car. It is wax that makes up the core. Wax is a solid hydrocarbon at room temperature. However, it can refer to many different compounds. Waxes can be found in hydrocarbons such as coal, as well as natural sources such as carnauba. This is made from the wax of the leaves of the carnauba plants. Palm trees also contain wax. Use a car-wash mitt to clean your car easily. To protect the car paint, you can use car wash shampoo which is not harsh on the paint thus resulting in no harm to the shine of the car.

Ceramic Wax

The wax protects the car from dirt and stains on the paint. Wax will protect your automobile from UV rays, pollution and other particles. Use a buffer machine or a car  polishing machine. Water promotes corrosion so it is important to reduce the amount of water that touches the paint. Frequent waxing will not damage your automobile. Waxing will extend the life of your car and is very useful. Avoid using too much wax as it could damage the paint.

Ceramic car polish

The abrasives in car polish help remove paint flaws like swirl marks, scratches and watermarks. Polishing adds depth and gloss to dulled, aged paint. The majority of polishes are made up of fine abrasives in a cream or liquid base. These abrasives remove a thin layer of paint, clear coat or varnish to reveal a new layer beneath. It is almost impossible to see the difference between the two because so little material is removed during the polishing process.

Polishes are different from waxes because they clean but do not protect surfaces. It is best to put some polish on the towel you will be using for waxing before applying it. When polishing you should use a circular motion or even an electric auto-polisher. Be careful, as excessive polishing can remove too much paint from the car and expose the wood. Visit our online store to find car detailing tools for your vehicle.

Ceramic wax Polish

Wax is one of a few products that can be considered essential amongst the many automobile cleaning products. It will simplify your life in the long run when it comes down to cleaning your car and protecting the paintwork. Ceramic coating will also add value to your wax.