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ShineMate is one of the world's top makers of automobile maintenance and cleaning accessories. Their items are of the greatest quality and at amazing pricing, and we are happy to be their India wholesale distribution partner. ShineMate began as a maker of backing plates, but has now expanded to provide some of the top quality Car Polishers, Ceramic coating products, and, of course, backing plates on the market today.

ShineMate's main line of business is the creation of foam polishing pads, DA backing plate, polishing equipment, and detailing accessories. ShineMate, like many of the manufacturers we carry, is continually expanding their product line and has just added a line of cordless auto polishers.

Shine Mate Machine

ShineMate polishing tool system is based on the extensive integration and overall design of an electric sanding and polishing machine, polishing pads, and compounding chemical. To decrease operator fatigue and ensure excellent paint finishes, our electric polishing equipment are all lightweight, pleasant to grip, and powerful. For the reduction of machine vibration, orbital machines are developed with leading eccentric balance control technology. For our polishing machines, check out car polishing machines & kit online at CarCosmic

Foam polishing pads 

Car polishing foam pads act as an abrasive, similar to sandpaper but considerably finer. These are used in conjunction with abrasive materials like as polishes and compounds. They are intended to hold these car polishing compound against surfaces in order to break them down and work them eventually, while also correcting or improving the texture.

Wool Polishing pads

Wool polishing pads function through friction, the quantity of which directly corresponds to the amount of paint surface that a pad may remove during any cutting or refinishing procedure. However, the performance of the pads themselves is equally as crucial as the substance utilised in the pad. Check out our car polishing pads at CarCosmic.

Shine mate wholesale distrributor

CarCosmic is India's greatest online shopping site, where you can choose from the widest range of Shinemate items. CarCosmic provides the most distinctive and largest collection from across the world, particularly from the United States, United Kingdom, and India, at a fair price and with the quickest delivery time. We will reimburse you if you cannot locate a certain Shinemate product on CarCosmic.