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Car Polish Sponge

When applying coatings, using the proper applicator is crucial. Nevertheless, it's not only about utilising the best tool; it's also about the condition of the car. You need an applicator that is secure enough to hold the substance without spilling. Due to the extreme density of these puck-shaped foam discs, the substance doesn't slip off the applicator when you want to scoop some up. These applicators are best for ceramic coating & car polishing compound.

Car Wax Sponge

An applicator pad is used to apply any wax. Moreover, it's ideal to work in a shaded place where the surface is cool to the touch. Apply a little layer of wax using an applicator pad while working on one panel at a time. Give the wax ample time to haze, often 5 to 10 minutes. For detailing or car cleaning accessories, check out our latest collection at CarCosmic

We offer equipment in our vast selection that is suited for maintaining your car & automobile in addition to specialty car wax polish that are suitable particularly for the bodywork of any automobile.