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Car Polish Sponge

Using the right applicator when applying coatings is essential. It's not just about using the best tool, but also the condition of your car. It is important to use an applicator which can hold the substance securely without spilling. These foam discs are extremely dense, so the substance won't slide off when you pick it up. These applicators work best with ceramic coating and car polishing compound.

Car Wax Sponge

To apply wax, an applicator pad can be used. It's best to work in an area that is shaded and cool to touch. Work on one panel and apply a thin layer of wax with an applicator. Allow the wax to haze for at least 5-10 minutes. Check out the latest CarCosmic collection for detailing and car cleaning accessories.

Our vast selection includes equipment that can be used to maintain your automobile and car, as well as specialty wax polishes that are designed for bodywork on any vehicle.