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There is no denying that spray bottles are a staple of modern life. You are surrounded by it whether you are using it to spray some chemicals or to spritz some fragrance on your body. Such a spray bottle has a lot of uses.

Foam Spray Bottle for Car Wash

Anything that can spray fluids is called a spray bottle. The most typical application for these items is squirting chemicals, cold cleaners, or cosmetics. Here they are mainly used for car cleaning. We have car detailing tools & auto detailing car care products online at CarCosmic at best price.

Typically, plastic is used to make spray bottles. These spray bottles from CarCosmic are made of chemically resistant, BPA-free plastic that allows you to fill them with any cleaning solution and store them without worrying about the bottle breaking. They have tough spray heads that stop leaking or becoming clogged. We have ceramic coating from top brands like 3M. Check out our best sellers at CarCosmic.

These multi-use containers are perfect for cleaning, watering plants, ironing, air fresheners, and other things. Just twist the nozzle to choose the desired nozzle setting, from a thin mist to a steady stream. They have a particularly lengthy spray tube that will use every drop.