This year marks 10+ years of Car Cosmic, so we opened the doorway into your own first Detailing Training Academy at Surat, Gujarat. The site is something special alone, covering over 4,000 square feet and housing two pro detailing bays for full valeting and detailing, in addition to playing host for a number of the very best-detailing paths you will discover in India.

Our Expert Course, mainly, is also a fantastic offering allowing attendees to acquire access to what we all know to be pro detailer themselves.

What’s the Professional Detailing Courses?

Our skilled professional car detailing course target people trying to jump into the entire detailing world because of their preferred profession. You’ll get extensive detailer training in many master detailers over a length of 4 to 5 days.

The class guides you through numerous practical and theory lodging, learning what out of proper prep processes, complete paint correction, and full car polisher training down to one of the most complicated of complete details.

What Will You Learn?

The 4 to 5 days of professional training courses cover all you want to understand for always a detailer; however, the additional day will inevitably provide you more hours with your seasoned professionals and extra hours on particular facets.

The team created the class, together side Car Cosmic, we gained more than 10+ years’ worth of experience to instruct anybody desiring to take action as a project. You’re going to be taken through each component of the complete detail, either in hands-on and theory, you start with the beginning in an ideal preparation, moving right on the right to the pre-wash stages, touch wash, all of the quantities of car paint decontamination, all waxes, ceramic coating, and in addition to full expert machine polisher training, each facet of the interior and engine bay, and down into the finer details you most likely wouldn’t even think about.

There will be hints and suggestions thrown out your path through the duration of the entire week without cutting out corners! We spend time referring to the best-detailing company, appearing at the community market, precisely what your ceremony aims are. It would help if you were offering and delving into the business side of matters.

Our Expert Course is your absolute ultimate for you started your expert career in detail.

What Else Is Included?

Upon finishing the Expert Course, you will get the complete Car Cosmic certification saying your successful completion. Together with our professional classes, both the 4 to 5 days food and accommodation are included in the cost. The website also houses a shop to close your path; it is simple to buy several of the merchandise you’ve used daily today.

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