Keeping your car squeaky clean is rather easy now. With car detailing products, auto enthusiasts take this job in their hands and thoroughly clean their car making it look like a brand new one.

You can either go for a normal car wash either wash through or manual washing to get a quick cleaning. This will clean your car superficially, making it look fresh.

If you want to get thorough cleanliness and make your car spotless then we suggest you take up auto detailing. It will not only make your car look good but it will also feel good.

Did you know? Auto detailing includes a lot of processes like ceramic coating, paint care, vacuuming the interior, headlight care, removing grubs, thorough cleaning, and more.

Let’s take a look at the process of auto detailing in brief.


Tyres are one of the dirtiest parts of the car. They face dirt, dust, debris, and a lot of things daily. While auto detailing a car, thoroughly cleaning the tyres is quite helpful for achieving that spotless cleanliness. See here car conditioners and dressing for tyre polishing and detailing. 

Your wheels are the grubbiest parts of the car and that’s why requires proper thorough cleaning. Take the use of wheel cleaner and microfiber brush tools to sweep away all the grubbiness off your car’s wheels.

Exterior Cleaning For A Spotless Glow

Giving proper cleaning to the exterior of your car is a very important process of auto detailing. In this process, following certain ways will be helpful to get a scratch-free and swirl-free car detailing. 

First and foremost thing that you should use is a pre-cleaner. Applying pre-cleaner on your car’s lower part will help to loosen the stubborn road grime from your car’s surface, making it easier to clean it further. Explore here car cleaner exterior care product for shine.

Before proceeding to contact form of cleaning, it is wise to use snow foam to breakdown the stubborn dirt & grubs to loosen all the dirt from your car.

Now, use the contact wash method to rinse off the dirt from your car’s surface. It is advisable to use a thick foam concentrated car wash shampoo that creates a thick layer of foam & provides proper lubrication for deep cleaning.

After removing the dirt & grubs it is time to take care of the rust that has been sitting on your car’s surface for far too long. Use a tar & iron remover cleaner that easily eliminates rust & gives you a clean & shiny surface. The use of a clay bar is also advisable to have an effective removal of any left-over contamination.

The next processes include drying, polishing, glazing, tyre dressings and trimming, and cleaning the glass.

Interior Cleaning & Care

Basic auto detailing for interior cleaning involves cleaning under the mat by vacuuming, getting rid of that bad odour, polishing the interior parts like steering wheel, and more.

To have a thorough and proper cleaning, you can use an all-purpose cleaner that will scrub off the dirt from fabric, carpet, leather, vinyl, and recondition them to their factory-made quality.

To Sum It Up

A spotless car is a dream & wish of every car enthusiast and through auto detailing it can be achieved easily. You can use various auto detailing products to make your car spotless and new like!