We start interior detailing by pulling out all belongings kept in the car, and if it’s valuable, we hand it over to the customer. The second most crucial thing after vacating the car interior cleaning is to remove loose dirt, sand, dust, or any other loose dirt in the car. A powerful wet & dry vacuum cleaner helps you to suck all flexible direct in its tank. I prefer using a three-motor triple power vacuum cleaner with at least a power of 3000kw.  

Next comes steam cleaning. Steam is used to clean hard-to-reach areas of car-like AC vents, rubber beading, door hinges, honeycomb grill, etc. Steam car wash machine is not a cleaning agent; instead, it pushes the dirt out, which can be wiped off easily.

Now starting up from rooftop with special coating applicators we use a sponge to clean roof. Spray compressed upholstery cleaner on & scrub it with an interior cleaning soft brush, using a chamois wipe down the chemical leftover.  

Now when the roof is clean, you start with Dashboard, an All-purpose cleaner like Koch-Chemie Green Star at a dilution of 1:30. Spray all-purpose cleaner & scrub it with a soft brush. Wipe the residual with a chamois drying towel.

Following the same procedure of the panels, we are making sure that we have masked the electronic boards properly to prevent water splash.

We need some special car cleaning brush like an ac vent brush, carpet cleaning stiff bristles brush, and spot stain cleaning brush. Sometimes stains are stubborn on a carpet of fabric seats. It would help if you had a strong cleaner & a firm brush to scrub.

After cleaning every part and corner of the car, you need to apply conditioner and dressing. The sauce will enhance the natural shine of the Dashboard, plastic & rubber beading. Moreover, it protects the plastic from UV rays & fading, which in turn increases plastic life.