All Purpose Cleaner With Engine Wheel Cleaner For Vehical, 5L

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Engine Wheel Cleaner.

Car Engine and wheel cleaner, Concentrated Engine cleaner, Engine Degreaser

Concentrated PH balanced engine & Wheel cleaner makes it easier for detailers to clean oil grimes, brake dust, grease, and sticky stains from engine & wheels.

 Not only cleans but leaves a glossy wheel behind.

Directions :

  • Rinse engine & wheel thoroughly.
  • Dilute 100 ml in 1ltr of a spray bottle, Spray in engine room & wheels.
  • Wait for 1 min to react.
  • Scrub with detailing brushes & Rinse again.

All-Purpose Cleaner.

Car Interior Cleaner, Car interior foam cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner.

All-purpose cleaner is effective on all materials, making them less than “all purpose”. You wouldn’t use your all-purpose household cleaner on your leather seats, But All Purpose Cleaner is the stand-out in the all-purpose bunch. Mixed to order, this cleaner is suitable for all the interior surfaces in your vehicle, including seats, carpet, and even leather!

All-Purpose Cleaner is a new product for Professional Detailers. This highly concentrated formula is recommended for commercial use. Mix it with water to the desired strength and you have a customized cleaner for all your interior surfaces. The standard dilution rate is 100 ml of APC in 900 ml of water.

All-Purpose Cleaner removes dirt from fabric, carpet, upholstery, vinyl and leather and reconditions these materials so they resume their like-new qualities. The Ph balanced cleaner and wetting agents produce a superior foaming action that is strong enough to lift dirt and grime out of floor mats, but gentle enough to safely clean leather. Fabric softeners and brighteners rejuvenate your interior surfaces so they give the feeling of a new vehicle.

Rather than filling your detailing garage with specialized cleaners, All-Purpose Cleaner is all you need for a car interior. The gallon jug gives you enough cleaner to mix a strong solution for stubborn, stained seats or a weaker solution for delicate leather. One jug makes up to 10 gallons of cleaner.

For all-over interior cleaning and reconditioning, All-Purpose Cleaner is an unbeatable bargain.