We have also across images of many international police forces with their patrol vans, exotic supercars and super SUVs. Though Indian police staff have still relied on old Maruti Suzuki Gypsys’, Toyota Innovas and Mahindra Scorpios. There is an enhancement spectrum. The coolest update we might think to the Indian police force will be to the latest Mahindra Thar, while supercar police vehicles are not an item for India. The new Thar is special and we think the Indian cops would always want to compliment him.


So here’s the visual representation of a police patrol car dreamed by Mahindra Thar. You would certainly not want to fuck with the police if they came up with such an item. This Thar was imagined and posted to the Instagram handle by Amar Naik. This Thar looks at first glance much of it similar to the Thar factory, but some changes are made. The first thing you note about this Thar is its white and black paints with police car doors and caps. In reality, we would like to see Mahindra sell this combination of white and black colour on a Thar, from our factory.

A complete LED light treatment was also provided for this Thar. Now, all LED units are headlamps, nebulae and turn markers. The LED police siren light bar even comes equipped on the roof. Wheels are the other major upgrade. The Thar can be seen on larger steel wheels, perhaps 20-inch, and with larger brake discs. Still looks cool with the white rim tape on the spokes. The Indian police require their cars and who else is more capable of it than the Thar? visit here and see car polishing pads for smooth finish when detailing.  

Will Mahindra Thar be one of the best suited vehicles for the Indian police?

A total of 6 colour combinations, 4 engine models and 2 versions are available for use on the latest generation Thar (LX and LX Option). The engine choices on Thar include a 2.0-liter torque engine (TGDI) with an electronic gearbox of 150 bhp and 300Nm and a diesel unit of 2,2 litres (320Nm) with a peak torque of 130 bhp and a high speed of 300Nm. On both motors, the transmission choices include a 6-speed manual or an optional 6-speed gearbox. On both models, a four-wheel drive with a low-range transfer case is typical. Buy best quality car chrome polish for a great deal here on this link. 

The latest Mahindra Thar has all the facilities and functions you can demand from a modern SUV and is exceptionally well-packaged. The Thar must therefore be able to house telephone, communication devices and all such emergency instruments to be an excellent police car. Thanks to its rugged, functional interior, there is enough space and room for the Thar. Thar prices currently vary from INR 12.10 lakh to INR 14.15 lakh (ex-showroom). Though Thar currently has no immediate competitor, BS6 Gurkha Force and Indian-bound Maruti Suzuki Jimny will soon be competing. Lastly, you can buy car polishing waxes at best rates from the best sellers at discounted rates.