Odds were because COVID-19 was in the state, you had a few people inside and outside your car. We all know that washing our hands is important, but how can we safe and clean our car interior? Here are our suggestions to hold the coronavirus for free.


To get rid of extra dirt and dust first: Use vacuum cleaner for the interior. Put microfibers onto the dashboard and rough top.

Instead of rubbing it in the soil like a rag, microfibers brush debris away from the surface.

When you use the towel on the inside, chuck it into the wash if it’s more sinister than ashes.

Touch Screens:

Make sure when you clean up, the touch screen is off; otherwise, the viewing pixels will be damaged. Weta 50/50 blend of vinegar and purified water in a microfiber cloth and scrub gently. You will break your screen, don’t press hard.

Do not use ammonia-based cleaners on touch screens like window cleaners as they harm anti-lighting or anti-fingerprint layering.


Water and soap for most interior treatments are advised.

If you have cloth taping, it is possible to trap suds in the tissue and produce mould later with so much water or soap. Clean and wipe away with wet cloth in a tiny quantity. There will even be a small quantity of water and washing detergent on the cloth.

A cleaner is the easiest to have if you have leather. Alcohol cleaning is effective, though not suitable for long periods. Alcohol cleaning will render the leather damaging. See here car leather seat cleaner so that you can keep the best care of your car and keep it new. 


Isopropyl alcohol is used on most vehicle interior surfaces. Automotive companies use this method to disinfect the interior of the car before shipping the cars. Quick alcohol once again can eliminate most germs and fingerprints.

If you don’t have alcohol, soap, and water, perform too.

Do not use chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, or washing materials dependent on ammonia. The vinyl on the dashboard will be broken down and sticky when subjected to sunlight. You can also buy car interior cleaning products at much lower price from our website at lower price.

Control wheel: 

Take additional time to clean the steering wheel. Four times the number of germs in the normal toilet seat in the steering wheel. Keeping germs simple due to the slight gaps and crevices on the border and spears.

We suggest using disinfectant wipes for steering wheels and keys, gear shifting, turning signal stems, and other often-touched surfaces. Also please check car alloy wheel ceramic coating at best rates available on our website. 

Do not hesitate to wash your face:

To get filthy hands, cleaning goes as far as possible. The easiest means of protecting yourself is washing your hands, and the fewer germs you can move to and from your truck, the more you wash your hands.
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