Glass Treatment

Glass Treatment Windshield glare, besides being an annoyance, is unsafe driving. Most people suffer through windshield glare, not realizing that thoroughly cleaning and polishing the windshield will reduce or remove glare altogether.

The Source of light fades due to fumes film or oxidation caused on the windshield of a car. Anti Glare treatment removes fume film and light scratches and largely improves night vision and overall visibility. It cuts the glare of coming headlights.

We use glass polishing powder felt pad or sometimes glass microfiber pad for glass polishing.

After glass polishing, most of the scratches, swirl marks, wiper marks, bird drop marks, etc., are removed. Then, after the vision is clear, we apply a Nano-ceramic coating water repellent coating.

Nano-ceramic water repellent coating acts as a water and dust repellent coating on the windshield. We are improving visibility during rain.

Headlight Treatment

Headlight TreatmentHeadlight Treatment a process that restores clarity to headlight lenses that have become yellowed, cloudy, goofed, or hazy. Improves the performance of the headlight, increasing visibility on the road.

Headlights become yellowish and cloudy due to oxidation and fuel films on them. Headlight cleaner is to remove oxidation and retain its original look.

Some headlights are heavily damaged or oxidized; we need to sand headlights with 500 grit wet sanding paper. But sanding with 500 grit will leave deep scratches behind. To overcome sanding marks, we sand with 800, 1000, 3000 & then compound it.

Sanding can be performed with the aid of a 3″ backing plate and polishing machine 500 & 800 discs are without foam (Dry sanding); an interface pad increases the sanding disc. 1000 & 3000 foam disc (Wet sanding). Compounding removes the sanding marks and can be performed using a 3″ micro wool pad or foam pad.