Foam Wash

Any detailer’s basic need, if any customer loves foam wash, A thick layer of foam. Our thick foam car shampoo is a highly concentrated product that dilutes at 1:10 for thick foam in foaming lance or bottle. It would be best to have a high-pressure water jet machine and a foam gun or foam lance to generate thick foam with either compressed air or a water gun. Our shampoo is PH neutral, which doesn’t harm clear coat & cleans thoroughly. look here for car cleaner exterior care products at best offer deals . 

Alloy wheels Cleaning  

Alloys & tyres are the dirtiest part of the car’s stubborn brake dust, which turns the alloy wheels brown. Iron remover helps in cleaning alloy wheels. Iron remover reacts with iron brake dust particles & changes its color to red. If alloys are highly contaminated sometimes, we use acidic chemicals to clean alloy wheels. Brushing with an alloy wheel brush cleans up hard-to-reach areas as well. The rest of the contamination waves off with a high-pressure water jet machine. Also, check here on our website car alloy wheel ceramic coating products for better wheel detailing. 

Engine Room cleaning & Dressing

The engine room is full of oil stains, and we use a highly concentrated engine cleaner. Engine cleaner if alkaline in nature. Alkaline products make it easier to remove oil-based paints. After cleaning the engine room, we dress up the compartment with plastic or trim restorer. Degreasers helps to remove extra oil from the engine , so if you want to buy car engine cleaning liquid from this link provided. 

Water Scale Removing

Water scaling is a common problem in India, Due to high TDS water. Hard water deposits under rubber beading, monograms, chrome parts, some time on glass, etc. Hard water scale remover is an acidic chemical that reacts with water scaling. An excellent scrubbing with a detailing brush can remove scaling. Get your best car cleaning brushes online here. 

Iron Removing

In an environment like India, where Industries have taken up over the city’s development, Industrial fallout may spoil your car’s shine. Iron remover can use on any exterior surface, which reacts with iron particles on the body & capsules the iron particle leaving the surface decontaminated.

Tar Removing

Tar is again a stubborn stain that cannot remove without its unique product, Tar Remover.

On Spraying tar remover, tar particles on paint change their color to green. Wipe off these dripping tars after few minutes.

Clay wash

Clay wash is the process of removing, or you can say, picking up contamination from the paint surface. These contaminations are stubborn & don’t get washed off with any shampoo or cleaner. Clay should always use with a lubricating agent, or clay may generate more scratches on the clear coat.

Tire Dressing

Using wheel cleaner, we already have cleaned the wheels & tires along with alloys. Tires need to scrub with a tyre cleaning brush & after drying, we use premium tyre dressing to make it look new.

Glass Cleaning & Drying

Last but not least, a streak-free glass is what completes exterior detailing. A car microfiber towel with a glass cleaner will complete our job. Make sure mirrors are not hot, which makes glass cleaning challenges.