Your mobile is one of the strongest things you have to keep you secure or to support you. In the event of an accident, this collection of five security applications will save your life.

Medical ID

This application provides easy access to your lock screen medical details to allow people to recognize you, your possible medical problems, and your emergency contacts. The software allows you to view your medical information without your mobile being unlocked. Therefore, medical identification is an effective method to locate you by emergency aid following a traffic crash. Also checkout our new products for car degreaser for the car engines.


This application is mainly used as a method to detect users’ wherever they are. The software syncs your families into a shared circle so that you can easily alert them if you are unwelcome. The application also includes collision monitoring, roadside support, and a driver’s study. In the event of an accident, Life360 is one of many protection applications that will help you find yourself.


This software delivers warnings directly to your mobile in real-time from the national weather service. In addition, FEMA provides emergency survival advice for more than 20 different forms of hazards, including explosions, floods, tornadoes, and more. For Central Texas rainy days that bring disruptions to everyday travel, this function is particularly useful. You will also find available emergency and crisis rehabilitation facilities in your region via the FEMA app.

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First Aid

This app allows you to obtain tips about dealing with emergencies, including everyday first aid scenarios step-by-step guidance. First Aid provides photographs, illustrations, and statistics about disasters in many different scenarios. The Red Cross also includes details on the disaster. This application will save a life after an injury if emergency attention is required urgently and physicians are not available for assistance.


This map allows you to travel to cities around the world. For you to ride to the airport or ride home from the pub, Uber is important. Uber is an on-demand service to reach you from item A to item B. Uber is a quick and secure way to achieve protection whether your vehicle breaks down or you find yourself in a precarious condition anywhere over the globe. lastly you can also check car paint decontamination for paint care.