Learning detailing Is not enough; car detailing training will give you deep knowledge & confidence, but you need to know how to sell your service to your customer.

As a detailer & entrepreneur, you have to take care of both the business parameters, that is, operations & Admin. If you cannot sell your product or service with confidence, you are half the business way.

At us, for car detailing training, we allow you to learn to detail and learn how to sell it. Many customers will walk into your detailing studio and enquire about your service. You have to give your 100 % to convince him about your service. Know who your customer is; not everyone is interested, but with your customers’ behaviour & the type of questions he asks, you can make out your potential customer.

Explain all your process to him show your confidence with your products & process. If needed, give him a demonstration of detailing on his car while you are explaining his process. Trust me, demonstration works. Speaking about your quality is not enough. A quick demonstration of his car will convince him for sure. meanwhile you can visit on this link and buy best quality car detailing tools for best work. 

Now, after seeing the demonstration, he will discuss the price list. Maybe he tries to negotiate with you but remember that he will get convinced if he loves your job. Giving discounts will later make you a cheap detailer, who will compromise in his services because he is not getting paid for its worth. Never lean towards discounts over negotiation. I suggest we add some service to whatever he is buying from you. Let him taste other auto detailing services which he may need. Giving a discount will make you cheap, but giving service instead of discount will make your customer feel delighted & he will never go to any other detailer; hence problem solved.

If you wish to run a successful detailing studio for years, your customer’s repetition for detailing service is the key. Now a day’s customers are smart enough to play the price game. Quality product & service is the game you as a detailer have to play. If you are a quality detailer, you need not worry about the competition’s price. Thrust your process & move on. Buy here car chrome polish at wholesaler’s price. 

There is a lot about detailing business to discuss, but one should take auto detailing training from car cosmic. One to one meeting will clear all your doubts & give you more ideas to promote your detailing business after training.

We welcome you to our detailed training course.