Car enthusiasts love to spend their time taking care of their cars or reading about a new car. They have a keen interest in keeping their car up-to-date and clean of all the dirt.

Some of them become quite excited when they get an opportunity to work on their car. With car detailing products in their hands, they get ready to tackle any dirt or debris that stops their car from shining at its best.

Did you know? Car interior cleaning & car exterior care can be done quite easily even by beginners. In this article, we have discussed the basics of car detailing that serve as a guide for a complete beginner.


Have you ever got a car wash and still did not get that satisfaction that you expected? Well, that’s because your car was just superficially cleaned.

With car detailing, you can get a thorough and deep cleaning that can give a glossy & spotless look to your car.

Car detailing involves various processes that involve car interior care & cleaning as well as exterior care & cleaning. After a car detailing, or auto detailing, you can expect your car’s aesthetic looks to be restored to their best form.

What Is Included In Car Detailing?

There are so many processes involved in car detailing that make it the best option for car enthusiasts. Let’s take a brief look at the processes involved.

Interior Care

Using various auto detailing products like iron remover or all-purpose cleaner, you can easily sweep away the dirt from the interior of your car.

First of all, you should vacuum out dirt & dust from the carpet, mat, leather seats, vinyl, fabric, and more. This will give a start to your interior care & cleaning process.

Later, you can use different detailing products & brushes to take care of leather and other interior parts. You can invest in good car leather seat cleaner , buy it from the link provided. 

Exterior Care

Taking care of the exterior is quite complex if you do not understand it well. Before taking care of the exterior you must understand the steps well otherwise it will do more harm than good.

We advise you to follow the following steps in the same order:

  1. Cleaning the tyre thoroughly
  2. Using a pre-cleaner
  3. Apply snow-foam to loosen tightly bonded dirt
  4. Use contact wash method
  5. Take care of rust using tar & iron remover
  6. Keep patient and let your car dry
  7. Polishing & Glazing for that glossy look
  8. Tyre dressings and trimming
  9. Cleaning the glass

To understand in detail how to take care of the exterior, read here: Keep Your Car Spotless: Know-How

Paint Care

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the bearer” this idiom is very true but, in the world of cars, taking care of the outside beauty is very important.

If your paint remains untainted and polished all the time, your car will look as good as a new one. To take care of your paint, you can use various car detailing products to remove contamination such as hard water, tar, rust, and more.

After removing the contamination, polish the paint using pads & finishing compound. It will give a good shiny look. And to keep this look intact for a longer period, use sealant or wax. See here car paint decontamination at best prices on our website.